Review: Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon

Cathy Polanco Aguilar

Man on the Moon

Kid Cudi is one of the most popular artists among teens; his style of music, genuine self, and lyrical value gravitate us towards his music. Cudi has produced 18 albums in the past 14 years. His most preferred album was released on September 15, 2009; Man on the Moon: The End of Day. Even after 13 years, hits off the album are replayed and resurface on social media platforms regularly. 

Man on the Moon: The End of Day, consists of 19 songs. The album includes genres from hip-hop, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, and electro-hop. This is one of Kid Cudi’s greatest albums of all time. The genre diversity in the album is large, his lyrics express life and lessons, and many features other artists. Cudi incorporates his experiences as a form of art that allows listeners, to connect deeply with music, this is something very important when it comes to listening to any music. 

Of those 19 songs on the album, the top song is Pursuit of Happiness with 566,034,293 listens on Spotify which continues to grow. The official music video alone released 12 years ago has 266M views. Other top hits on the album include Day ‘N’ Nite, Soundtrack 2 My Life, and Enter Galatic. All are produced in ways that tell their own stories with unique sounds. The different genres let listeners come face to face with the abilities a song has to change a person. Some listeners may consider that certain songs are better than others in this album and I can agree with this. However, in general, each song has its own special meaning and should be carefully listened to. 

Cudi’s music consists of telling a story through the eye of the man, the man experiences the good and the bad but comes to the conclusion of finding inner peace and the true meaning of why he lives. For example, growing up in the middle class comes with many struggles, Kid Cudi incorporates this in his music in lines such as “On Christmas time, my mom Christmas grind got me most of what I wanted howd you do it, mom, huh?” He also touches on other topics that we humans struggle with such as confidence, happiness, and mental health. 

Touching on such topics really hooks the teenage demographic, because we cope with issues differently than other age demographics. This makes Kid Cudi an influential artist and provides a connection to people all around the world because they’re able to relate to his music and prosper. This pattern is seen throughout the whole album. There’s so much more to the album than words. 

The album as a whole holds a subliminal message about life. You have to be willing to acknowledge and consider the true meaning behind people’s perspectives and life a little deeper than what you’re used to. It’s something to listen to with open ears and mindset, and really study the lyrics. Overall this album is amazing, I think it includes small details that other albums don’t include which makes it unique. It’s something truly different and many others can agree with this. 

I would encourage you to listen to this album when you get the chance, and many other hits produced by Kid Cudi. Go in with an open perspective on each song to receive a true and full experience.