Chaboba, the Next Hangout Spot?


Jessica Palacios Perez

As you walk in, you get hit with many different aromas. Fruity, milky and sweet. Each flavor for different taste buds. At the counter sits the cashier, Tange. 

“Hello, welcome to Chaboba. How may I help you?”

As a first time customer, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have an exact taste in mind nor did I know anything about ordering Boba. As I wasn’t quite sure, I stood there. They asked if I preferred fruity or milky, maybe sweet. I chose the safest option and went with fruity, a more fruitful flavor. I stared at the menu for a couple of minutes unsure of what drink would best suit my tastes. Tange was very patient with me while I decided on my choice of drink. As I decided on fruity, Tange recommended their favorite, Coconut Boba. I added a couple of things to my order: Coconut Boba Tea, 50% sweet and with Grass Jelly. It was a perfect mixture of fruity and milky, best of both worlds if I do say so myself. 

After ordering, I sat down at one of the couches. While waiting for my order, I noticed a ton of High Schoolers and Junior High Schoolers would come in and out of Chaboba. Many of which sat down and talked with their friends. Some had their computers with them, others had their phones. It was a very lively establishment. 

People of all ages came into Chaboba. It isn’t just a hangout place for young adults or teens, many parents came in and out as well. 

The customer service was amazing, Tange was patient. As a new customer, I was utterly afraid of reviewing a new place. Tange, however, made the experience quite enjoyable. Not only does Chaboba have an impeccable taste in drinks, but their customer service as well. The Coconut Boba was exactly what I needed to end my day with. I am not the biggest fan of sweets, I expected my drink to be somewhat sweeter than I would have liked. But I was wrong. The boba that was recommended to me was the perfect amount of sweetness, fruitness, and milky. Tange sat there and helped me figure out what drink I would like best.

Although I only went in for boba, Chaboba offers many other drinks. For example, teas, slushes, coffee and smoothies. Chaboba has a drink for everyone, not just for the boba lovers. 

Personally, I haven’t tried anything other than boba. But I am confident that Chaboba will do justice to many of the other drinks they offer. 

I would definitely recommend going to Chaboba for everyone. Especially the people who want to find a new drink to love. Not only as a drink of choice, but a place of relaxation. The vibes of Chaboba were immaculate and the workers were so kind as well. 

Many people go to cafes or libraries to escape the real world for a while. At Chaboba you can do just that. You can bring in a book or work on homework, escape reality for a bit.