Cosmetics and Characters Make Paladins Entertaining


Emely Lojano-Santos

Paladins is a multiplayer, 5v5, first person shooter game which was created by Evil Mojo Games and developed by Hi-Rez Studios. It was released on September 16th, 2016 two years after I was a part of the paladins community. I will be reviewing the game itself, the player base count, and the content of the game.

Paladins is a free to play game accessible to most consoles and PC players. At the moment there are 57 playable characters in the game and it is still growing. There are four classes; damage, support, tank, and flank; that you are able to play with three main game modes, Siege, team deathmatch, and onslaught. This is a basic overview of what the game is like and what characters they have. Paladins has multiple updates each year with new battle passes alongside them. The developers are creative with the content they bring out. Many of the cosmetics and emotes are well thought out. The developers try their hardest to update and fix the game to please players and make their game enjoyable to play. I think this is good, having a game updated often to fix problems players are having. There are many characters in the game that you can customize through cards/decks that you can create. This makes Paladins unique since you can play characters in many different ways and not stick to only one playstyle. Evil Mojo and Hi-Rez try to push out new characters every update to keep the game feeling new and entertaining which I think is quite nice. This game has been out for quite a while now but still struggles with bugs which has been a big issue with the community. I love how paladins always try to entertain their community with new characters and content every update as well as fix game problems. 

Since its release in 2016 the player base has been sporadic over the years. Recently the player base seems to have gone down by about 9.18% in October which isn’t so bad. But Comparing it to the last 2 months which were about 10% and 14% I wouldn’t say it is good either. Content creators on youtube such as Kreepers and Raventric have gone into detail of how the player base has gone down quite a lot in the past year or so. Although the overall statistics of the count is not so bad I can say that the interest is not increasing as much either.

Every update there is always a new battle pass that comes with it, usually a new character as well. Each update is unique in theme and brings skins/cosmetics, emotes, sprays, and icons for characters. I also like how you can kind of customize and mix a character’s cosmetics in game. The cosmetics in paladins are detailed and creative with usually 3 to 4 skins for different characters matching a theme. Two past battle passes that I loved were the Radiant Stars and Battle pass 2- ninja  which had extremely detailed and cool skins. The art style of this game is pleasant and cartoony compared to other games such as Overwatch and Call of duty. The developers of this game work hard to come up with new cosmetics and characters that please the eye which I like about this game.