Sophomore Taten Scates Ready to Play


Yaid J. Ponce Lopez

The Springdale High School basketball team has great prospects from the juior varsity to the varsity guys. One such player is Taten Scates, a sophomore coming from Lakeside Junior High. The 5’10 point guard is a well rounded player putting up 10 points per game, 4 REB, 3 AST in his freshman year. His field goal percentage is fairly high since most of his points come from 3 pointers. Scates played in the 9th grade Behind The Scenes(BTS) Elite basketball team where he averaged the same stats as he did in the Lakeside Junior High School basketball team. 

Scates said basketball is what gets up and going every day.

“Basketball is one of the first things that I really liked and I started practicing it more to the best I could,” he said. “When I play it brings me happiness.”

While Scates’ heart is for basketball, he’s particpated in other sports that make him a well-rounded athlete.

“When I was ten years old I was in wrestling,” he said. Scates was ranked four stars and placed 2nd in the 10th Annual Arkansas Youth State Division III tournament in wrestling. 

Scates daily routine consists of going to school, going home, doing homework, and playing basketball.

Scates had a minor setback when he had to have knee surgery last year. He tore his meniscus over the summer  was told recovery time after the surgery would be about 6 months. This would’ve caused him to miss most of his full sophomore basketball season. But in surgery the doctors were able to remove part of the meniscus to the point where his recovery time would be cut to only 6 weeks. 

Currently Scates has finished his physical therapy and his knee is at a 100%. Looking to be in the starting lineup of the JV team, Scates is ready to put up twice the amount of points he did in his freshman year. The odds are with him as he has clearly shown that he can keep a consistency with his stats. Hopefully we are able to see number 10 show everything he’s got this season.