Senior Guadalupe Perez, Teacher on the Rise


Since the start of the pandemic, education for everyone has been drastically different. Teachers and students are still navigating their way through the school year without knowing what the future holds. It is understandable that many are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. However, that does not stop Springdale High School students from pursuing

 their dreams. 


Senior Guadalupe Perez is an aspiring teacher that dreams of one day being in her own classroom. To achieve that dream, she is currently gaining field experience and going to Elmdale Elementary school to learn from a teacher mentor.

“…I see myself helping and guiding them as much as I can,” Guadalupe said.


Ever since she was young, Perez enjoyed being around people and getting to know them. Her leadership skills and extroversion come naturally to her when she is helping students.


“Since I was little I liked being around people, communicating, and getting to know them,” Guadalupe said.


She was inspired to become a teacher by the teachers around her that helped her to see the beauty in teaching. They inspired her to cherish the joy that comes from helping young students in class.


“…my teachers would talk about their experiences of teaching so that really encouraged and inspired me,” Guadalupe said.


While Guadalupe doesn’t know exactly what she wants to teach, she is leaning towards teaching 2nd to 4th graders. She is more interested and comfortable with this age group because of her experience at Elmdale Elementary. 


Guadalupe has also thought about teaching abroad to get a new perspective on the other side of the world. If she has the opportunity, she would like to experience a different country’s way of teaching. 


“I actually thought about teaching out of the country…I could be a foreign language teacher and teach Spanish…” 


Even though Guadalupe does not have a definite major she plans to go to NWACC and then transfer to the University of Arkansas. She is interested in early childhood education and social work. 


“I just know I want to work with kids and help them and their families as well.”