Springdale Bulldogs take the win over the Har-ber Wildcats


The filled up bleachers full of students to support their bulldogs

After an upsetting loss in the Bulldogs’ first encounter with the Wildcats, the Bulldogs came back and beat the Wildcats at home on Monday, Feb. 7. The Bulldogs won by a basket in the final seconds of the double overtime. 

Senior Anderson Isaacks said that the team stayed calm despite the stressful circumstances.

“I’m super proud of how we played, we didn’t let our emotions get the best of us and found a way to get it done despite the double overtime,” Isaacks said.

As the last 10 seconds on the clock counted down, the SHS student section collectively held its breath and hoped to take the win over Har-ber. When Freshman Isaiah Sealy released the ball, the SHS students and fans went silent. The ball went in and the students flooded the court celebrating the hard-fought victory with their Bulldogs. 

Senior Peyton Lawson said the excitement in the gym was incredible.

“As a senior, being able to watch us beat Har-ber at least once felt like a perfect way to end this chapter of my life,”she said.

Bulldog fans left the gym with huge smiles and raspy voices, and according to Isaacks, “the kind of [moment] you remember for the rest of your life.”

The starting 5 getting ready to take on the wildcats