Colors Day Royalty


Colors Day Royalty 


Congratulations to all the students who made Colors Day court!

Colors Day court is really exciting for those who made it. The process to apply is fairly simple, however, this year is different from previous years. Students had to apply and receive a teacher recommendation before they could submit an application. Before, students nominated those on court. The hard part is the wait to find out the results, which can cause a lot of nervousness and anticipation. 


“…it was almost agonizing waiting to find out if I made it…” Emma Breaux admitted. 


The reactions from loved ones after hearing their student made Colors Day court is priceless. Jamie Aguilar explains that her mother was overjoyed to hear her daughter made court.


“When I told my mom she jumped up and down from excitement,” Jamie Aguilar expressed. “She has always been so supportive of me.”


Another reaction from a family member was from Emma’s mother. When Emma called her mother to tell her the news she screamed with excitement.


The joy of making court is understandable as being on court is a way for many to create memories that will last forever. It is not an opportunity that everyone gets while in high school. It’s a chance for everyone to express themselves and show off their accomplishments.


“I look forward to seeing my guests’ reactions to my accomplishments and making them proud.” Jaime said.


Many students don’t know what colors day is because it did not happen last year, but Esme Jackson explains that it is “like homecoming for basketball.”


“It’s pretty much homecoming for the basketball season,” Esme said. “It’s to highlight senior basketball players, seniors, and students who want to be a part of something cool.” 


All three girls expressed their excitement at being able to make new friends and build relationships. Esme talks about the struggles of being a sophomore on court and feeling like you don’t know anyone. She wants to be a mentor and take the younger girls under her wing like the seniors did with her. 


“…The people that I met took me under their wing and helped me through the rest of my year, so I want to be able to do that for other people as well.” Esme said. 

Even though the dance is postponed and there is a limit on the number of people invited to watch the court walk, the girls are still thrilled. They think that it was the best decision to postpone the dance to protect the health of the students and faculty.