Bulldogs fall to the Harber Wildcats and the Fayetteville Bulldogs


Aubri Wilson, sophomore, shoots a free throw

Tuesday, Jan. 11, at the Wildcat arena, our Springdale Bulldogs put up a fight against the Harber Wildcats. After an intense and lively game, our Bulldogs fell to the Wildcats in a last-second shot. 


“Whenever we [Springdale and Harber] play, the kids know each other,” Coach Sealy said. “The games always end up with a last second shot or play, just whoever makes the right play. And they just happened to do that. 


“It was a tough win but we’ll see them again at our house. As for the Fayetteville game, Fayetteville’s real similar to the Harber game. They are in first place right now and it will be a really, really big win for us, so we are getting ready for it.”

Tevin Tate, junior, warming up for the game (Vincent Vincent)

On Friday, Jan. 21, our Springdale Bulldogs went up against the Fayetteville Bulldogs. After an intense and tough game, our Red Dogs fell to the Purple Dogs. 


“Even though we lost, I still think we have a very solid basketball team, we got away from what made us, us. We’ve seen it through these last few games but it’s something we’re working on improving everyday in practice. It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback!” Senior Anderson Isaacks said.