Senior Karen Delgado Commits to Washington University


As Seniors are navigating through their last year of high school, many have already started to commit to a college they want to attend. Karen Delgado is a senior at Springdale High School and she plans on attending Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri after she graduates.


When deciding what college she wanted to go to, Delgado took into consideration all of her college options and treated them as “equally great” when choosing.


“Choosing the University of Arkansas and NWACC was a no brainer as I calculated the most affordable college decision.” Delgado said.


What caught her attention about Washington University was its “flexibility and rigorous programs.” Delgado said she  is also looking forward to “the food and free public transportation.”


As of now she does not have a specific major she wants to pursue, but saidshe is interested in architecture, law, and business. She hopes to narrow it down, but wants to explore her interests in college.


Delgado’s plan after college is to continue her degree interest “with a healthy work-life balance.”


Some advice she would give to other students who are trying to strive to get into their dream college is to “be patient.” Delgado said she also advises “do not let a college dictate your confidence.” 


Delgado saidv some steps you should take in consideration to decide what to do in college is to be open to trying different things, and don’t pressure yourself into choosing a specific career or major right away.